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Q: Quick overview of a D/ITAR implementation of O365 (which FAA terms EMS365). It's a sandboxed O365 instance w/no data sharing, and dedicated access.

A: We require that the exchange connector be able communicate to and from our server to your Exchange server. As long as that is not blocked, we should not have an issue.

Q: SMTP was not originally mentioned as a protocol for connecting to EMS365. Are there any other network connections ? LDAP?

A: We only communicate via HTTPS to and from the EWS and our server. SMTP is not involved.

Q: Does AgilQuest require remote administration for upgrades or management ?

A: As far as administration goes, we only need access to the server where the exchange connector will be hosted. We also need a user account that can access the Exchange server, but do not need administrative rights to it.

Q: What is the end-user impact for an outage? How is DR failover and recovery supported?

A: We can only address this from the perspective of the exchange connector, not a broader email outage. Regarding the connector specifically, if the connector is unable to contact either the Exchange or OnBoard servers, it will queue the transactions and retry them when connectivity it reestablished. If the connector itself is down a manual re-sync of the data between OnBoard and Exchange can be forced.

Q: All calendar emails are journaled to Proofpoint archiving, will that continue?

A: Our integration will not impact any archiving of past data that you have in place. We do not attempt to synchronize past data.

Q: Can you provide a list of all CMDlets that are required for OnBoard configuration? D/ITAR has a subset of available EXO CMDlets.

A: There are no CMDlets used by the application (Services should confirm if they use them for any of installation routines as I don’t have any insight into that).

Q: Are there any add-ins for the desktop client (Outlook) or for remote browser (OWA)?

A: No

Q: Network mapping (we'll discuss this on the call), but it needs to be reviewed for firewall settings.

A: We use port 61616 by default, if the client wants to use another port please supply

Q: Network usage--what's the network usage for OnBoard? Are there any Exchange limitations for throttling?

A: The traffic we send and receive from Exchange is event driving and light weight.  We only communicate to and from EWS. There are no limitations in place.

Q: Will AgilQuest be able to support both EXO2013 and EXO2010?

A: We currently have customers using both of these versions of Exchange in production.



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