COMMANDER BI 3.2 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements 

Self Service Module

A new Global Filter option has been added to dashboards created with the Self-Service module.  This allows users to add several widgets to their dashboard, and then apply a global filter that works across all widgets on the dashboard.  Prior to Commander BI 3.2, users had to apply filters before adding the widgets to their Visual Gallery.
The Self-Service module has been updated with a new navigation menu along the left-hand side of the screen.  The new menu is available not only from the Self-Service home page, but also when doing data analysis, or building reports and dashboards.
A new menu option for the “Data Dictionary” has been added, which provides useful information on all the data views used throughout Self-Service and Discovery.
Minor style sheet adjustments were made to help the Self-Service module visually blend with the overall application.
Users can now upload images to use when building reports.

Discovery Module 

The Discovery module has been integrated more closely with the Self-Service module.  Prior to Commander BI 3.2, customers could purchase the Discovery module without Self-Service.  In the new release, Discovery requires the Self-Service module.  Users can access Discovery by clicking the Visual Analysis button on the Self-Service navigation menu.
A new timeline feature has been added, which allows users to create an animated chart by simply dragging a date column to the Timeline area.  This provides users a new way of visualizing how data has changed over time.
A new Save button was added, which allows users to save their Discovery session.  Once saved, users can click on the Discovery session from the list of items in their Self-Service home page.

Performance Improvements

Significant performance improvements were made in Commander BI 3.2.  Mostly all reports and dashboard widgets were updated to utilize the same data views used by the Self-Service module.  This change resulted in many reports running multiple times faster than before.  The CBI application itself has been ported from Java over to .Net, which has resulted in a noticeable improvement when navigating the application.



Previously when a user added a table to the Visual Gallery within the Self-Service module, a broken thumbnail image would be displayed when browsing the gallery.  A thumbnail image correctly displays now.
Previously when a user saved a visualization in Discovery to the Visual Gallery, a page crash would occur when adding that visualization to a dashboard or report.  Users can now save visualizations created with Discovery to their Visual Gallery, and successfully add those to a dashboard or report.
The Reservations data view had to be disabled by default in CBI 3.1 due to performance issues.  The data view has been tweaked and will work on larger data sets in CBI 3.2.

Known Issues

The following is a list of known defects with CBI 3.2:

1. Filtering by an ID column in Self Service produces an error.  As a workaround, a user can apply thefilter to a different column.  For instance, rather than filtering by FacilityID, the user could filter by
FacilityName instead.
2. Data grouping does not work in Discovery.  As a workaround, a user can apply data grouping within the Self Service module.
3. ID columns in Discovery display a comma (e.g. FloorID = 1,001).  As a workaround, a user could manually apply a number format to the column, which would remove the commas.
4. Discovery data grid doesn’t scroll horizontally on a Mac using Safari or Chrome.  As a workaround,Mac users can use the Firefox browser.
5. Discovery times out after 80 minutes of inactivity.  If a user encounters this error, a workaround would be to sign out of Commander BI and sign back in again.
6. Long column names in Discovery do not display a tooltip.  As a workaround, the user can manually increase the size of the column so the full name displays.
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